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  Treat yourself to a superior dining experience in the comfort of your own home, by enlisting Niagara Gourmet's Personal Chef services. You’re worth it. And the modest cost will pleasantly surprise you.

We prepare nutritious and delicious meals without preservatives or additives  -- ideal for people who are too tired or too busy to cook dinner every night, but who do not want to dine out in a restaurant.  Personal Chef Services are also a wonderful solution for older relatives who are no longer able to prepare their own meals on a regular basis. 

  Imagine arriving home to indulge in a fine dinner cooked to perfection - just for you. One that you enjoy in the comfort of your own private space. After a hectic day at work, can anything be as tranquil as the gentle ambience of one’s own surroundings?
More relaxing than a busy restaurant and quieter too…

Consider the nutritional benefits as well as the emotional ones

 Personal Chef Service

Fast Foods & Restaurant Chains

  • Slow cooking

  • Low in saturated fat

  • Less salt, in part because a variety of quality ingredients boost the flavour intensities of the food

  • Enhanced fibre

  • Higher vitamin content

  • No preservatives

  • No additives or artificial flavours or colours

  • Prepared foods

  • High in saturated fat

  • High in sodium

  • Low in fibre

  • Low in vitamins

  • Chemical preservatives

  • Chemical additives, artificial flavours, and colours


I just had a wonderful experience eating the roast pork dinner.  Truly wonderful.  When I went on a tour of Italy, we had some very delicious foods, and this could have easily been one of them.  I look forward to every meal.  If the rest are as wonderful as these, you have a new client for life. Ciao!  Corey, Personal Chef Client


How It Works


You decide on the food while we do all of the work!

You will receive delicious meals sufficient for…

  We will shop and prepare 20 single servings, package and prepare them for storage in your refrigerator or freezer, provide heating instructions, and drop them off at your home.

This gives you five different menus of four servings each.

a single person for one month
a couple for two weeks
 a family of four for one week

Nutritional information is available for all of Niagara Gourmet's recipes so that following your personal consultation, we can prepare meals that are low-carbohydrate, low fat, low sodium, organic, vegetarian, vegan, or Dr. Bernstein diet-friendly.

    We will meet with you to:  

  • discuss in detail your food preferences and your nutritional needs
  • develop your personalized and customized menus, detailing entrees and some side dishes, subsequent to our meeting
  • present these menus for your approval
  • upon menu approval, schedule your personal cooking day and arrange drop off of your menu choices

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